Hey... How's it going?


I'm Jon.

 Owner of Document Owls
Helping brands is my passion.


When I first started my journey, I felt lost.

My first real job was in digital printing. Even though I loved my job, I felt like something was missing. It didn't feel mission driven, and I wasn't able to see the recipient's reaction or get consumer feedback. So...I set out to look for something more purposeful.  

I begin doing freelance work non-profits (large and boutique). While working onsite for a fortune 500 company. Doing this allowed me to gain industry needs from different view points. This is when Document Owls was born.

What's with you business name?

I get asked this question a lot. It actually has two parts. The more direct answer is that one of my earliest client nicked named me her personal document owl.

When I started out, document services was my focus (layout, notary, fillable forms, etc). I worked on a very tedious project for her requiring a lot of late nights. Hints where the name derived from.

Another contribution is much personal. I have always been fascinated with birds. They represent freedom to me, and in a way my work is my freedom.

When doing research about my brand the owl's symbolism stood out to me. Some being intuition, wisdom, transition, etc. All are qualities I wanted my brand and work to reflect. 

Document = Starts our creative process
Owls = Our belief in how we work


I'm just an guy who likes to have fun.

If I am not donating my time to charity, or personal projects you will find me: traveling, rock climbing, drawing, or watching movies with my wife and two kids.

If you would like to chat or meet up for coffee, don't hesitate to reach out.

E. Jon@documentowls.com

"Jonathan distinguishes his work through both professionalism and creativity."
Molly Kramer, Founder & Creative Director - Model Content